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PhytoRelief®-CC - Herbal Lozenges (Pack of 10)

PhytoRelief®-CC - Herbal Lozenges (Pack of 10)


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Helps your body boost immunity and fight cold and flu symptoms

Phytorelief® works by creating a protective barrier in your respiratory tract. It activates the power of your saliva to kill germs that enter through your mouth and nose. Our lozenges utilize three all-natural components:

  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Pomegranate

These lozenges are clinically tested with this patented combination of ingredients. It provides an anti-viral action that can enhance your immunity by up to 4x. This makes it a must-try when fighting against cough, cold, and flu-like symptoms.

Phytorelief®-CC is natural, scientifically developed, clinically tested, sugar-free and has no known side effects.

This pack contains 10 lozenges.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

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M. Liu

Whenever I start feeling coming down with a cold or cough, I take this product and the symptoms subside considerably.

a plant naturally broken down for use in supplements

75+ years of research and development has led us here

For over three quarters of a century Alchem has studied and extracted critical plant derived active pharmaceutical ingredients for some of the world's biggest and most advanced pharma, cosmetics, and nutraceutical companies. Today, our Phytoceuticals go a step further by applying the science of Phytotherapy through our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology to offer highly efficacious and safe natural healthcare solutions.

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