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Phytoceuticals: Perfecting traditional plant medicine, through modern science.

The use of plants in curing ailments is almost as old as human history. The medicinal properties of roots, leaves, fruits, bark, or seeds of plants forms a rich body of traditional knowledge across the world.

But, traditional plant medicines being a product of nature, have been difficult to standardize. Resulting in inconsistent efficacy, and a lack of confidence that they will always work.


Enter Phytoceuticals

The latest generation of plant derived medicines which are developed by applying the principles of Phytotherapy—a science based medical practice that relies on modern pharmacological studies of medicinal plants to develop solutions that are far more standardized, effective and safe.

Phytoceuticals have clinically tested efficacy, and are safe for long term use. They work by activating the body’s natural ability to cure itself and preserve good health.

Each Phytoceutical contains Phyto-actives®, the specific actives in medicinal plants that actually have the power to cure.

We use our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology, a result of Alchem’s over 75 years of research in the field of plant derived actives, to extract these Phyto-actives® in a manner that preserves the perfect balance in which they exist in nature.

We then scientifically fingerprint these Phyto-actives® to ensure all Phyto-actives® from the same plant share the same biochemical profile.

The end result, all our Phytoceutical formulations are truly natural, along with having high and consistent efficacy in every single dose.