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Phytocid-GT® for Indigestion, Acidity and Gas

Phytocid-GT® for Indigestion, Acidity and Gas


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Helps your body fight indigestion naturally

This Phytoceutical (plant derived cure with clinically tested efficacy and safety) is an effective cure for indigestion, heartburn, and other symptoms of acidity.

The Ginger and Turmeric in Phytocid-GT® treat acidity by activating peristaltic movement in your stomach to promote gastric emptying that improves digestion and reduces gas formation.

Phytocid-GT® is natural, scientifically developed, clinically tested and has no side effects.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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Vitor M.
Awesome product!


a plant naturally broken down for use in supplements

75+ years of research and development has led us here

For over three quarters of a century Alchem has studied and extracted critical plant derived active pharmaceutical ingredients for some of the world's biggest and most advanced pharma, cosmetics, and nutraceutical companies. Today, our Phytoceuticals go a step further by applying the science of Phytotherapy through our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology to offer highly efficacious and safe natural healthcare solutions.

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